Genetic Services Pricing Catalog for Cannabis Commercial Cultivators


Welcome to our Genetic Services Pricing Catalog, tailored for esteemed commercial cultivators in the cannabis industry seeking advanced genetic solutions. We are dedicated to meeting your specific requirements and providing top-tier genetic services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance and inquiries.


Meristem-Based Tissue Culture:

Price: $4000 per Cultivar

Payment Structure: $2000 upfront upon genetic submission, $2000 upon completion

Description: Meristem-based tissue culture offers the definitive approach for purifying a specific cultivar. Utilizing clean cells extracted from the plant’s apical growth point, this technique fosters the growth of a fresh and healthy clone. Please note that the Meristem to Rooted clone transition entails a 6 to 9 month process.


Leaf Organogenesis-Based Tissue Culture:

Price: $1000 per Cultivar

Description: Leaf organogenesis triggers the development of new organs, particularly shoots, through the emergence of axillary buds at leaf bases. This method enables rapid multiplication of the cultivar.


Node-Based Tissue Culture:

Price: $750 per Cultivar

Description: Node-based tissue culture is particularly suitable for sterile genetic storage purposes, provided the cultivar is disease-free. This process also forms a crucial part of the Multiplication Phase.


Pistil Segments (Flower) Tissue Culture:

Price: $1000 per Cultivar

Description: This service caters to situations where genetic preservation is necessary due to potential loss of the primary plant. Submitting flower buds (in distilled water) facilitates the production of a sterile tissue culture clone. It’s important to note that this method does not cleanse sick genetics; only Meristem-based tissue culture guarantees the eradication of Viroid, Viruses, and other Endophytes.


Sterile Storage Options 

1-5 Cultivars:

Initial Tissue Culture: $750 (if cultivar is clean)

Monthly Storage: $100 per Month

6-10 Cultivars:

Initial Tissue Culture: $750 (if cultivar is clean)

Monthly Storage: $150 per Month 

10+ Cultivars:

Initial Tissue Culture: $750 per Cultivar

Monthly Storage: $200 per Month


Please contact us for custom pricing if combining Tissue Culture cleansing with sterile storage services.


Embryo Rescue Service

Price: $500 per Seed

Description: Embryo rescue involves delicately removing the seed’s shell coat without harming the embryo. The intact embryo is then placed in Tissue Culture media to facilitate germination. This service is invaluable for germinating older or rare seeds that prove challenging to germinate through conventional means.


Synthetic Seeds Service

 Price: $500 for Process per Cultivar

Monthly Storage: $25 (annual prepayment discounts available)

Description: Synthetic seeds encompass artificially encapsulated propagation material, such as somatic embryos, shoot buds, and cell aggregates. The process involves encapsulating somatic embryos with a protective coating and storing them in refrigerated conditions. This method offers optimal storage for periods exceeding a year.


Tissue Cultured Clones/Genetics

Tissue Culture Genetics:

Price Range: $200-$1000 per Cultivar

Description: These prices cater to cultivator interests in purchasing genetics for independent cloning. Prices vary based on the cultivar, with reduced rates available for multiple cultivar purchases.


Bulk Tissue Culture Clones (Rooted):

Price Range: $20-$40 per TC clone (quantitative variations apply)

Description: Bulk TC Clones encompass the genetic acquisition cost, making it a cost-effective solution. Exceptionally exclusive genetics may incur higher prices. This approach guarantees verified, clean genetics primed for optimal yield and quality.

For unrooted clones (clippings), please get in touch to discuss arrangements.


Hop Latent Viroid Testing:

Price: $35 per test (per strain)

Description: Please inquire about specific testing requirements if multiple tests are needed for 10+ cultivars.


Gender Testing (Male/Female) via DNA/RNA Differentiation

Price: $30 per Test

Description: Gender testing is invaluable for breeding and phenohunting endeavors, allowing identification of male and female plants in advance to prevent undesired cross-pollination.


We are honored to serve you!


Kindly note that the listed prices are exclusive of taxes and delivery fees, which will be itemized and included in the transaction invoice. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance or any inquiries you may have.